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Video Innovations in Mystery Shopping

At Tern, we’re fortunate enough to meet and work with a range of business sectors. Most love the idea of mystery shopping, however as technology keeps advancing we are being asked how we can add extra interest for senior management teams. At some point most companies have considered using video, but video mystery shop isn’t always practical. To bring customers’ stories to life we have added an extra dimension to our standard written reports, VoxPop videos!

How does it work?

The VoxPop is a circa 1 minute ‘selfie’ video which the shopper makes immediately after their visit.  They speak directly to the camera effectively giving you face to face feedback on how they felt about the experience.  You get to hear the tone of voice and see the shoppers facial expressions as they bring your mystery shopping report to life.  This short but powerful video is embedded into the standard mystery shopping report thus providing you with the hard stats and the softer, more subjective video feedback.

Coupled with NPS score data you can quickly group the videos into sentiment groups that support the mystery shopping data.

Quick visual overview

Video VoxPop

The Video Feedback Process

Video is quickly becoming the perfect tool which can add a qualitative element to  quantitative mystery shopping research data.

Videos can be quickly combined into sentiment show-reels if required, allowing you to group multiple elements of video feedback by NPS rating or other important key surveys requested as part of the exercise.

If you’d like to learn more, then our video VoxPop feedback sessions could be a great addition to your mystery shop reporting. Give us a shout to find out more.

Do Tech Advances Result in a Better Restaurant Experience?

With the food service sector set to be worth £56.3bn by 2019 Source: there is clear evidence that our changing lifestyles and increasing availability of free time is allowing us to sample a greater range of food experiences than ever before.

Combine that with the growth of food-to-go/quick service restaurants and we’re beginning to see how our high streets can change for the better.

Using technology to drive success

For those working at forefront of food service delivery in customer facing roles, creating simple in-restaurant processes combined with a personal service is key. New tools are helping to improve operational efficiency of restaurants, allowing communications between waiting staff and the kitchen to drive up the quality of the customer dining experience.

Click and Collect Food Orders

Click and Collect Food Ordering is on the increase.

Whether it’s customers using a pre-order app on their phone, click and collect service  or intermediary website services like Deliveroo and Just Eat. new tech is also allowing food service operators to communicate and deliver to a wider consumer audience. From initial pop-up restaurants placed in convenient London locations @Londonpopups our restaurant entrepreneurs are using technology to help put themselves on the map, generate custom,  improve service and gain further investment and growth.

London Popup Restaurants

What’s the future for bars, cafes and restaurants?

Todays’ Pop-ups show the future for emerging brands. The recent purchase of up and coming food chains like GBK  by ‘Famous Brands’ shows that the marketplace will invest in brands which it thinks can have a broader market appeal. Even big players like McDonalds  recognise the need to adapt to these challengers, our changing consumer tastes and ordering methods. Healthier options are now present on all of its menus. McDonalds fast food competitor Pret a Manager has recorded 16% increase in sales growth 2016 and has recently trialled a vegetarian only food outlet. Source: IGD Research

The UK probably offers the most diverse range of food-to-go and restaurant options available anywhere in the world.  Thai and Japanese restaurants in the UK have reported an 18% growth in the last five years. Source:

This trend in consumers seemingly willing to try new cuisines will undoubtedly mean that our High Street will continue to see more new restaurants and restaurant themes develop.

How to measure restaurant service levels

Keeping an eye on the service levels in newly opened establishments requires more than just diligent monitoring. With multiple purchase and service routes now available, using mystery diners  can help aid operational and regional management teams to keep an eye on the overall experience.  For large scale food service providers measuring the operational effectiveness will drive up profits and customer  NPS Scores, in turn helping to prevent those negative online reviews before they even happen.


How Much does Mystery Shopping Cost?

Cost and Benefits of Mystery Shopping

What’s the cost of mystery shopping?

Is it right for my business?

The benefits of mystery shopping are undoubted. Yet some businesses decide that this method of research is either expensive, outdated, or somehow inferior to online customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT). 

Why is that? Mystery shopping is a long established method of customer research which is great for collecting content rich data. For customer insights teams, the decision to ask existing customers what they thought seems a logical one. Send out an email survey with an incentive and you will get hundreds of results at a fraction of the cost of mystery shop, job done.

Such beliefs can often lead to low response rates and ultimately disappointment. Digital technology has transformed mystery shopping and the cost of collecting the data required is now more manageable, even for small businesses. In addition, the advances in digital covert video recording mean that a video mystery shopping programme can now be in reach of even those who are on the tightest of budgets.

Is CSAT as cost effective as you think?

A well designed, short CSAT survey will mean the respondent is likely to be truthful in their answers, however if you start to add too much complexity the respondent will begin to resent taking part in the survey quickly diluting its effectiveness. Because mystery shoppers work within a defined brief they already know what they’re seeking to measure at the start of a visit, this allows you to gather data not available through CSAT. Add up the associated costs of customer satisfaction surveys to include print collateral, incentive offers and time spent analysing the data and the research can be far less cost effective.

Come back to mystery shopping?

Speaking from experience, we know that you can spend modestly on a mystery shopping programme that will help you to drive real results. A good mystery shopping programme can help change behaviour in your organisation

Whilst CSAT surveys have a valuable place in the customer researcher toolkit they should not be used in isolation. Mystery shopping provides a very real evidence based litmus test to measure brand standards and store performance. You can capture robust data across all locations within a given deadline using a specific scenario – this is impossible using CSAT.

With mystery shopping we can be sure of how long the process will take and when your results will be delivered. This quickly leaves clients with a robust review of the business which helps to make positive change and engage staff.

Additional benefits of mystery shopping

Apart from now being more affordable, mystery shopping comes with a range of additional benefits. These boost the efficiency of the customer training teams, delivering almost immediate results as operational managers and staff are given a real focus for improving overall performance.

What does this all mean for your business? For a start, the worries about the cost of mystery shopping unfounded. In fact, this type of research is truly cost-efficient and it can contribute to serious revenue maximisation when incorporated in the right customer strategy. Mystery shopping gives you flexibility, immediacy and an opportunity to accomplish a vast range of customer service goals.

Still not convinced? Read some of our client testimonials or give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to meet you and get to know your business better. You’ll get examples about campaigns we’ve done in the past, the cost and how these contributed to more effective business performance and customer engagement. Call us today for a free quote or to request a trial of our mystery shopping services on 01939 235555 or email us on [email protected]

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8 Mystery Shopping KPIs to Understand Business Performance

Key Performance Indicators

Mystery Shopping Key Performance Indicators

How do you find out if your store customer service is living up to expectations?

The answer can lie with key performance indicators – Mystery Shopping KPIs

There are a number mystery shopping KPIs you can use to measure customer service and the success of your customer service strategy.

Different measures will make more sense for different types of business. The benefit to mystery shopping KPIs is that they can be used in addition to or alongside existing customer satisfaction surveys, allowing you to ask the questions which can’t be answered using this method alone.

Unlike customer satisfaction surveys you’re guaranteed to get a response to the questions you need an answer to. Below is a list of different KPI measures your business might consider using when conducting mystery shopping.

1. Customer approach / acknowledgment

When you first walk into a store are you acknowledged? It’s amazing how this key fundamental first step into building a good rapport with the customer is so often left too late or not even done at all. Now we may not necessarily expect to be greeted on the door, however a timely nod to the fact that we exist counts for a lot. Even if your service proposition is more self service in nature, it is still good to build a rapport with customers. Remembering that ongoing improvements in staffing and store efficiency doesn’t need to mean the end for friendly service.

2. Rapport building with the customer

When you build a good rapport with customers you’re giving yourself the opportunity to both sell and upsell. By asking questions, showing empathy and successfully establishing the customer needs you will not only end up giving them the product they want, you will also give yourself the opportunity to present them with associated items to increase the transaction value.

Your best employees really know how to engage with customers. Make sure this attribute becomes common practice within your organisation, whether that’s selling the customer the product they need or handling objections effectively.

3. Product Knowledge

Customers buy from individuals who are clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the service or product they offer. By testing the gaps in your staff product knowledge you’re able to organise training programmes to fill those gaps. If you work within a regulated environment like financial services the focus on compliant selling of products becomes even more important. Research also shows us that compliant selling practice can be directly linked to our level of customer satisfaction.

4. Closing the sale

After someone from your service team interacts with a customer, how likely are they to make a purchase or take some other kind of action? If you acknowledge your customer, build rapport and introduce the right products, a good result will be very easy to achieve.

Measuring the Sales Closure

Measuring the sales process

Mystery shopping can allow you to correlate sales performance directly back to the level of customer service.

5. Average response times

Part of good customer service is resolving issues speedily. If you can respond to customers and also answer queries quickly they are more likely to be satisfied with the overall service level.

6. Net Promoter Score

And customers who are very happy with your customer service are likely to even go a step further and recommend your company to others. Your company’s Net Promoter Score, or rate of people who would recommend your business to others can be a good indication of customer service standards  and another way to measure customer service levels.

7. Competitor comparison

Even customers who love your brand might not choose you over your competitors for all purchases. So while measurement methods above are good metrics on which to measure potential success, it’s still important to see how your company stacks up against your peers. This is where competitor mystery shopping can allow you to not only benchmark your service performance, it will also allow you to check pricing and the product offer. Helping you to plug the gaps and to revise the offer.

8. Overall service measurement

By performing regular audits, you can gauge how your customers are being treated. The higher your score the greater the number of the key components of your overall customer journey processes are being met.

Other mystery shopping links you may find useful

There are a number of mystery shopping methods you can use for reporting KPIs . Whether you decide to use a standard written survey backed up with video mystery shopping, or you’re looking to measure the online customer  journey through to fulfilment.

Our service can help you to build the right kind of customer service KPI dashboard. Providing you with an independent of how your customers are being treated. See our report examples and sector coverage to see how we can support you.

Mystery shopping KPI measurement methods you could use today.

To find out how we can support your sector give us a call.


UK Consumer Trends for 2016

With consumer trends in retail data from 2015 now being digested by analysts and retail spending peaked, are we about to see the increase in our disposable incomes finally result in a financial windfall for UK retailers?

Latest report data from the ONS suggests that back in 2013 average weekly spending started growing again (increasing to £523.90) and continued growing in 2014 when it reached £531.30. With the figures from 2015 still due, will we see a continued upward trajectory in 2016? And how will this affect our fiercely competitive UK consumer markets?

Consumer Expenditure Trends

Consumer Expenditure Trends

Source: Trends in household expenditure over time (ONS)

Will 2016 herald further increases in choice for the UK consumer?

It’s no secret that a slew of data will most likely still point to the rise of the discounters and value hungry shoppers driving footfall away from previously dominant market leaders. Technology will continue to disrupt traditional channels as companies like UBER and AirBNB start to impact service based industry models.

Standard of service will be a key differentiator.

The quality of product and service delivery is becoming the modern battleground in the race for companies to either expand or survive and growing consumer choice is a sign of healthy market competition. The upshot for business is that the relentless pursuit for value and excellence from consumers will continue to define how our high street retailers perform, shaping the UK retail landscape in the years to come.

The time to invest in understanding service performance and training is now.

If the forecasts are correct then this is a great time for well managed retail stores  to capitalise on low oil prices, benign interest rates and the real terms increases in consumer spending power as inflation remains subdued.


How will retailers capitalise on any increase in UK consumer confidence in 2016?

It’s important to note that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Operations Teams to manage multiple delivery routes as shoppers’ drift between physical bricks and mortar,  the online world, and call centre sales routes. Managing a joined up approach on service at scale is not an easy task but one that retailers need to tackle with relish. As you start your journey into 2016, make sure you lay a great foundation for the rest of the year and beyond.

Provide your business support with a clear measurement framework.

To ensure that you have an accurate measurement for service performance across  all channels we suggest that companies invest in the tools which enable them to have a clear customer insight beyond the standard customer feedback survey. We support companies by developing mystery shopping programmes which measure key moments in the customer journey not typically picked up by consumer surveys and canvassing.

Gathering evidence rich data is the key for driving positive change

Consumer purchase funnel Data

Consumer Purchase Funnel Data from Mystery Shopping – Tern Ltd

For online data analysts it has become common practice to measure the customer journey funnel and work out where you are most likely to lose your customers. Mystery Shopping is the perfect tool for creating a funnel framework for working out your service failure points. Looking at those key moments can tell you where you need to make service level improvements are made. Mystery shopping data is far richer and can be combined with customer feedback surveys or stand alone in it’s own right.

To help you with this we have compiled our own list of supporting topics.

Contact us on 01939 235555 to see how we can help you lay the foundations for achieving great customer service.

Tern Enhances its Mystery Shopping Report Capability

As specialists in the development and delivery of bespoke mystery shopping programmes in the UK we are delighted to announce the latest updates to our reporting suite.

With a redesigned interface and an updated reporting platform, it’s easier than ever to find the information that you need to know as Customer Insights teams, Operations Managers and Marketing Managers.

The enhanced navigation and functionality of our mystery shopping report platform provides users with quick and easy access on all devices to the wide range of information we measure for our clients.

 Personalised Mystery Shop Reporting

Our new responsive design enables users to quickly drill down into their performance and the intuitive navigation makes finding the relevant information a breeze.

Tern Report Platform 2015

With just a few clicks you can monitor your performance across all areas and gather the facts you need.

See for yourself, we’ve revamped our mystery shopping reports example  page to help you get a feel for the updated platform on which you can see both branded and unbranded versions of the report output.


We are continually developing our systems to make it easier for our clients to view and navigate their way through their mystery shopping data, whether by email, online or face to face through an insight session with our expert research analysts and data specialists. You’re invited to take a look for yourself or contact us for a live demo.


Mystery Diners for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Pub Chains

Written by James Harper – Tern Consultancy Ltd – Linkedin  21/07/2015

The UK dining and restaurant sector is a hugely competitive marketplace and the experience of the consumer is key to the ongoing success of individual brands and the growth of the sector as a whole.

In a time where online reviews through sites like have become an integral part of the consumer decision making process it is even more important to check that service levels are right from the start. Many companies are using ‘Mystery Diners’ to see whether their service standards exceed, or fail, against company expectations.

Mystery Diners


Eating-out spend reaches 13 month high

By Sophie Witts, 09-Jun-2015
Consumer spending on eating and drinking-out reached a record peak in May, according to the latest Barclaycard Consumer Spending report.

Creating a mystery diner programme, that is both engaging and rewarding for staff, can help to identify any areas of weakness throughout the consumer experience. Making your staff members ‘champions of the business’ can be a great motivational tool and really improve overall service standards.

We were commissioned by Sam Smith Brewery to conduct a Mystery Diner Programme to do just that. We provided them with a carefully blended programme of standard restaurant mystery shopping and under age sales testing. The customer journey was carefully documented through the eyes our mystery diners and recorded on our online reporting system.

Sam Smith, owner of the independent Sam Smith Brewery and pub chain said:

‘I can only speak very positively about Tern and the service we have agreed. There have been some challenges getting our managers to take it seriously and holding them accountable for poor service. A highlight was running a trip for our Customer Service Champions – the managers who achieved the top three scores – where they had a VIP experience at our breweries, including getting involved in the brewing process themselves. We are slowly but surely seeing progress in the service delivered at our sites.’

Commissioning Mystery Diners

When commissioning a mystery dining programme you should give consideration to some of the following points;

  • Understand the mystery dining criteria against your company standards.
  • Keep visits objective.
  • Seek to understand performance and benchmark over time.
  • Create segmented views of the business;
    • For example looking at how the service level changes at different times of the day or when ordering at the bar or in the restaurant.
  • Let the data identify the gaps for training your staff.
  • Understand sales and service upgrade opportunities.

Whichever method of mystery shopping you decide upon, video, audio or written, the reports you gain will be invaluable for your business.

See some of our mystery shopping report examples and download the free mystery shop survey template to get you started or find out more about Tern, one of the leading mystery shopping companies in the UK on our home page.


Mystery Members Conduct Gym and Fitness Centre Mystery Shopping Visits

Traing on treadmill

Becoming a member of a gym these days can be a large financial commitment, to some fitness fanatics it can be an absolute necessity, a must have in their lives regardless of the cost.  To others it forms part of a wider lifestyle choice and choosing a gym can be a more difficult decision to make, with both the cost and quality of the overall service an important consideration.

Either way potential members should be convinced that the gym or fitness centre can fit comfortably around their personal circumstances and is an investment in their future health, fitness and wellbeing. Projecting the key benefits in the right way can be an important factor in conversion and can be key to increasing gym membership sales in a competitive environment.

Tern utilises mystery shoppers as mystery gym members to help evaluate health and gym club membership managers’ ability to convert individuals and families alike into long term brand advocates who select a club to fit around their lifestyle.

So why do gyms invest in mystery shopping?

The size of the health and fitness industry in the UK is impressive and growing with the figures revealed in a recent report.

 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that the UK health and fitness industry has more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before. For the first time ever, member numbers have exceeded 8 million, market value is over £4 billion and the penetration rate is at an all time high of 13.2%.’

With wearable sports tech becoming mainstream in 2015 consumers  awareness of their own fitness levels will become even greater, increasing the opportunities to engage with new potential members.

Rioch Brewer, Senior Statistician at Kantar Media Custom comments:  “The health and fitness wearables market is still in its infancy, and brands targeting younger audiences as well as those in the sport and leisure categories are leading the way. These figures are set to increase as brands innovate in this space as a means of attempting to engage with consumers and extend the overall brand experience. It is also interesting to see that consumers are happy to pay for apps and devices, which opens up additional opportunities for manufacturers and developers.”

Getting the view from the customer or member can help to tutor managers to the selling points they have been trained in. They can view the results objectively and see if they are managing to deliver against the embedded sales or member mentoring process. The quality of the human interaction in this process is key, converting people who are not regular gym goers can provide a big increase in revenue and profit for a gym membership manager.

The benefit for mystery gym members

Of course there are some benefits for the mystery shoppers as well.  As part of our mystery shopper service for gyms we send our potential members in to measure not only the initial member consultation we also look at how well the member on boarding process commits the customer to a long term relationship with their gym of choice. This allows gyms to understand the reason for any potential high churn rates that they might be experiencing.

Our approach to health and fitness centre mystery shopping

Building strong relationships with your gym members through social media, phone calls, text messages, or face-to-face communication, can all help to increase attendance among members and get them involved in regular classes.

These social nudges can dramatically increase member visits. Increasing the attendance levels also increases the points of contact they have with the gym, building points of contact can increase the customer lifetime value of your members.

A typical mystery member gym programme might include:

  • New gym member consultation process.
  • Member show round visit to the health club, gym, fitness suite, tour.
  • Initial visits, training inductions and advice based around health and preferred sporting activity.
  • Relationship building within the trial offer period.
  • Membership advisor assessments

If you own or manage a health club or gym, you’ve no doubt already learned that great customer service is a pre-requisite to running a successful business. With everyone these days seemingly involved in a triathlon, marathon or some other sporting event we can help to ensure that your gym can convert and retain new members effectively.

We conduct mystery shopping visits in a range of approaches. Evaluating face to face interactions with Video Mystery shopping or testing your online, telephone  and social response success with our online and call centre mystery shopping.

To find out a little more read our client testimonial for our gym mystery member programmes.

Written by James Harper – Tern Consultancy Ltd – Linkedin  13/05/2015

Will changes to UK Pensions mean we will still get the right advice from Financial Advisers?

With the recent changes to pensions coming into effect in  April do we really understand all the options available to us for our retirement planning? The answer for most of us is probably not, and  the amount of knowledge UK consumers have on the subject can vary hugely.

Financial Adviser Mystery Shopping Promotional Banner

At Tern we provide support to financial services firms by supplying mystery shoppers who are able present test scenarios to the financial advisers working on an institutions behalf. This can be an important protection measure for making sure your employees are giving appropriate pensions advice suited to the needs of the individual requesting it.

The financial adviser mystery shopping visits we conduct are usually recorded with covert audio devices. The evidence gathered can be from telephone calls, face to face home visits or appointment based fact finding. Allowing your risk and compliance teams to review first hand evidence of the conversations taking place can provide an important resource which allows for guided training and vetting on standards of the financial advice offered.

Catering for different individuals scenarios

Whether an individual is just starting out on his or her career path and considering their first pension choices or someone is nearing retirement and wants to find out about how the changes to annuity rules in 2015 affect them.

Couple getting pensions advice from financial adviser

The options for pensions can leave many of us who are uninformed on the subject confused. Getting good advice from an IFA or pensions specialist on your options whether you choose to take a lump sum payment, ‘uncrystallised funds pension lump sum’ (UFPLS) or  a lifetime annuity for example,  can make a big difference to an individuals’ future  standard of living.

Of course making the right decisions with a pension pot will be different for each of us and dependent upon circumstances and the options we may wish to take based on our a risk appetite. There are plenty of free websites that will offer generic advice when you search for retirement planning services that leave consumers unprotected. Making the choice to see a regulated financial adviser is an investment in the future and personal financial advice which makes specific recommendations against your circumstance has to be paid for.

Any products recommended  must be suited to the individuals’ needs, if they’re not,  then the consumer can complain about mis-selling to the firm the financial adviser works for.  If the complaint is turned down it can be taken to the financial ombudsman service.

Financial Adviser Mystery Shopping

Get in touch today to find out more about how Tern can support your firm with correct preventative measures and ensure that your financial advisers are offering clear and relevant advice based on range of different scenarios. Read more about our financial service mystery shopping visits for banks and building societies

Written by James Harper – Tern Consultancy Ltd – Linkedin  30/04/2015

Mystery Shopping Return on Investment

The business case for Mystery Shopping Return on Investment in 5 Steps and how to make it happen.

Mystery Shopping return on investment

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in Mystery Shopping when your customer satisfaction scores are already very high, particularly when a business focus is to cut costs. However, there is growing recognition that mystery shopping services and detailed views of the customer experience can deliver a strong return on investment for companies.

1. Focus on your brand objectives to help increase profit

So you want more conversions, you want to increase your average transaction value and ultimately you want more loyal customers.  Aligning the mystery shopping programme to these key objectives will help you achieve all of these things. By conducting mystery shopping you are helping to understand that all the right elements for success are in place on consistent basis.

Doing the right thing for the customer is more than just good practice – it’s a long term business strategy that will stand the test of time.

So how do you do this?

 2. Increase the relevance of the mystery shop reporting for your business

By focusing and understanding the key business areas within a mystery shopping programme you can investigate how your overall score can be improved. This works at both the company level and at a more granular regional or store level as you are able to see the overall strengths and weakness within a business.

After all you should be able to focus easily on how an individual store could achieve 100% by making small but measureable improvements in certain situations.  When you actually show staff how easy it is to do this they go on to become a positive promoter for both the business and its objectives. Improvements in mystery shop scores benefit both employer and employee and this is when mystery shopping can truly become a tool for success.

3. Take your employees with you on the journey

Ensuring that all stakeholders have input at key stages results in better engagement and fewer challenges. Encourage staff to feedback on reports and become part of the improvement process. By ensuring that the mystery shopping evidence gathered is robustly quality checked and is factual rather than subjective also alleviates and concerns store staff may have about the programme.

Verifying the reports with either picture, video or audio evidence supports each individual report and helps the business build upon its training and development programmes for staff.  Mystery Shopping should ultimately be seen as an investment opportunity to develop your staff.

With video mystery shopping, it is true to say that the majority of employees become fascinated with their own performance and how they can make personal improvements. No other method gives you quite the insight on an individual level or the ability to engage with your employees.

4. How do I correlate the improvements in mystery shop scores to ROI?

Any improvement in conversion rates, transaction value, and customer loyalty is a by-product of excellence customer service and this will be unique for each business. By benchmarking your mystery shop scores over time and matching them against your sales data for individual locations will help to give you a measure for success. This in turn will give you the justification you need to run the programme and continue its development.

Knowing what good looks like is the benchmark for everybody to aspire to and showing how excellence in customer service can impact the bottom line is the ultimate measure.

 5. Show your employees how they can benefit

Supporting employees with understanding the objectives of the business is key for both parties. If you are not helping employees to aim and reach for a 100% mystery shop score by the same token you are also not supporting the business to deliver its objectives. Remember that in a situation where the ultimate goal is to outperform you competitors the key component that will make a difference is your employees. By looking after your staff and mentoring them to understand your business goals and values you will benefit from a productive and coordinated workforce.

Motivated employees can thrive on delivering improved customer service which ultimately gives a sound return on your investment. This benefits both the business and employee.  Your internal awards and bonus structure can be aligned to both sales and mystery shop scores.

6. Finally remove the distractions from Operational Managers

A high frequency mystery shopping project can gather a large amount of data very quickly. By choosing a provider and a platform for report delivery which allows intelligent and easy segmentation you are able to focus on areas which require immediate attention. Whether  that is to give praise, or to deliver a manager action plan which instigates positive change.

Training and development of staff is key to successful company performance and giving yourself an independent reference from a third party is an invaluable starting point.

Mystery Shopping places the customer service at the heart of the business. Knowing that each customer is a potential mystery customer ensures that means staff are continually challenged on behalf of every customer that walks through your door.

Written by James Harper – Tern Consultancy Ltd – Linkedin  09/02/2014

Mystery Shopping with Tern Consultancy

Tern Consultancy has a reputation for mystery shopping that is industry specific, practical and based on common sense. We have the unique distinction of combining the skill sets of operations managers, trainers and insights delivery teams to the required objectives for a business.