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Mystery Shop+ Your mystery shopper giving you direct video feedback

VoxPop Video Feedback Survey Stats
VoxPop Video Feedback Surveys

Put your senior executives back on the shop floor by giving them direct access to video feedback from your customers.  If your board is separated from your customer feedback by charts and graphs, is the time right to give them direct voxpop style video feedback surveys  via our revolutionary Mystery Shop+ service?

Video is a persuasive tool for business performance measurement.

Few things are more captivating than a good story. With online video views far surpassing most text-based content, telling the story of your customer journey in video has the potential to engage your staff more than ever before. The good news is that Videos ranging from professional productions to spontaneous interactions captured on phones all have the potential to be powerful.

If you need help developing a powerful internal communications plan, video is the method help bring your content to life.

With viewers spending about 100% more time on pages containing video (Source: Marketing Sherpa)  you can be guaranteed that customer video feedback will be effective at delivering key messages.

Stimulating our Senses

Video draws on our senses, you get to hear and see the things that are otherwise left to interpretation. Together, audio and visual stimulus can often evoke a deeper connection, allowing viewers to engage with content on a much more personal and emotional level.

Humans Process Visual Data Better

“Visualization works from a human perspective because we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.   Since we are visual by nature, we can use this skill to enhance data processing and organizational effectiveness.” Source: T-Science

Delivery of Key Messages

Collecting content rich videos is key to areas within a business which might not have direct interactions with frontline staff. Video completely removes the hierarchical structure within a business putting the ‘Voice of the Customer’ directly in front of the Chief Executive.

Voice af the Customer Survey Feedback

Voice of the Customer Survey Feedback

Short and Sweet

We know that because Senior Management teams are often short on time video length is also important. According to Wistia the longer a video is, the lower its retention. Videos under 1 minute enjoy 80% viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos 2-3 minutes in length only experience 60% retention.

Our VoxPop videos are no more than a minute in length a give you the key highlights of the store experience.

Stop Reading this and Take a Look for yourself

If you looking to give your retail mystery shopping customer experience programme a boost watch our VoxPops Video Feedback Surveys to see how some of our customers have been engaging with our clients through video.  We can also conduct covert video mystery shopping which can be used to record the entire experience from the customer viewpoint.

UK Consumer Trends for 2016

With consumer trends in retail data from 2015 now being digested by analysts and retail spending peaked, are we about to see the increase in our disposable incomes finally result in a financial windfall for UK retailers?

Latest report data from the ONS suggests that back in 2013 average weekly spending started growing again (increasing to £523.90) and continued growing in 2014 when it reached £531.30. With the figures from 2015 still due, will we see a continued upward trajectory in 2016? And how will this affect our fiercely competitive UK consumer markets?

Consumer Expenditure Trends

Consumer Expenditure Trends

Source: Trends in household expenditure over time (ONS)

Will 2016 herald further increases in choice for the UK consumer?

It’s no secret that a slew of data will most likely still point to the rise of the discounters and value hungry shoppers driving footfall away from previously dominant market leaders. Technology will continue to disrupt traditional channels as companies like UBER and AirBNB start to impact service based industry models.

Standard of service will be a key differentiator.

The quality of product and service delivery is becoming the modern battleground in the race for companies to either expand or survive and growing consumer choice is a sign of healthy market competition. The upshot for business is that the relentless pursuit for value and excellence from consumers will continue to define how our high street retailers perform, shaping the UK retail landscape in the years to come.

The time to invest in understanding service performance and training is now.

If the forecasts are correct then this is a great time for well managed retail stores  to capitalise on low oil prices, benign interest rates and the real terms increases in consumer spending power as inflation remains subdued.


How will retailers capitalise on any increase in UK consumer confidence in 2016?

It’s important to note that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Operations Teams to manage multiple delivery routes as shoppers’ drift between physical bricks and mortar,  the online world, and call centre sales routes. Managing a joined up approach on service at scale is not an easy task but one that retailers need to tackle with relish. As you start your journey into 2016, make sure you lay a great foundation for the rest of the year and beyond.

Provide your business support with a clear measurement framework.

To ensure that you have an accurate measurement for service performance across  all channels we suggest that companies invest in the tools which enable them to have a clear customer insight beyond the standard customer feedback survey. We support companies by developing mystery shopping programmes which measure key moments in the customer journey not typically picked up by consumer surveys and canvassing.

Gathering evidence rich data is the key for driving positive change

Consumer purchase funnel Data

Consumer Purchase Funnel Data from Mystery Shopping – Tern Ltd

For online data analysts it has become common practice to measure the customer journey funnel and work out where you are most likely to lose your customers. Mystery Shopping is the perfect tool for creating a funnel framework for working out your service failure points. Looking at those key moments can tell you where you need to make service level improvements are made. Mystery shopping data is far richer and can be combined with customer feedback surveys or stand alone in it’s own right.

To help you with this we have compiled our own list of supporting topics.

Contact us on 01939 235555 to see how we can help you lay the foundations for achieving great customer service.

Getting Paid to Shop.

Written by Victoria Swan and Jon @ the Money Shed│Tern Consultancy Ltd│15/04/2015

Getting paid to shop. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? I sat down with Jon from The Money Shed to tell all about what is really involved in Mystery Shopping with Tern.

Jon: Victoria, let’s begin by clearing up what a Mystery Shopper does…

Victoria: “As a Mystery Shopper for Tern you will be paid to visit our clients and observe their day to day operations whilst posing as a ‘normal customer’. So yes, you will be paid to shop and will often be reimbursed for any purchases that you make during an assignment.

You will be following an assignment brief which will tell you what you need to look out for during your visit and what you need to purchase (if anything): attention to detail is key for mystery shopping!”

Jon: What happens after you leave the store?

Victoria: “Whether you choose written, audio or video assignments you will record your experience as a customer using our online reporting system, attaching any necessary evidence:

  • Written Assignments: evidence will be captured in the form of a photograph (of the store front, your receipt or any other documentation received)
  • Audio Assignments: evidence will be captured through a covert audio recording device which will capture your conversation during your visit
  • Video Assignments: evidence will be captured through a covert camera attached to your clothing during the visit (often in the form of a button camera)

Our team of external editors will review your report and supporting evidence and provide you with detailed feedback along with a shopper score of 0 to 10 (with 10 being the highest). The higher the rating the more work you are likely to be allocated in the future.”

Jon: What equipment do you need to carry out written, audio or video Mystery Shopping?

Victoria: “As a Mystery Shopper for Tern you are able to carry out written and audio assignments as soon as you sign up: we will provide you with an audio device when you apply for any of our audio assignments.

To become a Video Mystery Shopper you will need to purchase your own covert video equipment: you can now do this directly through Tern with our recently launched Bronze, Silver and Gold video packages starting from just £299.99. These have been tried and tested by our team of Video Mystery Shoppers so you can invest in in confidence with Tern – visit www.tern.co.uk/video-shopper-tips for more information or get in contact using the details below.”

Jon: What type of work can you expect as a Mystery Shopper?

Victoria: “We have a range of clients so you may find yourself purchasing underwear one day and then sitting down for a mortgage consultation the next. Assignments at Tern cover high street retailers, car dealerships, financial services (banks and building societies), hotels (and leisure facilities), travel agents, opticians and pubs to name a few!

We also have a number of opportunities for those looking to work from home with regular email, telephone and online assignments which pay anywhere from £5 to £65 depending on the client.”

Jon: How long does an assignment take?

Victoria: “This depends on the type of assignment you pick up. We have retail visits which can be completed in under half an hour to financial visits which can take anywhere up to four hours – we make sure your fee reflects the amount of time and effort you put in.”

Jon: How much can a Mystery Shopper earn per assignment?

Victoria: “Again this is difficult to say because it can be anywhere from £5 to £200 depending on the type of assignment you are carrying out.

Mystery Shopping is ideal for those who are looking to make a little extra each month as you can easily fit the work around your lifestyle and prior commitments. You apply for assignments on a self-employed basis through our online Job Board, giving you the freedom to pick and choose assignments that suit your schedule.”

Jon: On the subject of payment, how do you pay your Mystery Shoppers?

Victoria: “We run payments on a weekly basis via BACS transfer which will be paid directly into your bank account.”

Jon: Do you need to live in a certain area to pick up assignments?

Victoria: “Absolutely not: from the Scottish Highlands to the White Cliffs of Dover we have opportunities for Mystery Shoppers across the UK.”

Jon: Finally Victoria, how can you sign up?

Victoria: “It’s quick, easy and free to become a Mystery Shopper with Tern, simply fill out our online registration form by visiting become a mystery shopper.

As a potential member of our team I would like to encourage you to get in contact if you have any questions (big or small) about joining Tern, I will always make time to speak to you!”

Email: [email protected] │Phone: 01939 235555 │ www.facebook.com/TernMysteryShoppersForum

Jon: Thank you for your time today Victoria.

If you are thinking about becoming a Mystery Shopper make sure you check out the Working from Home Toolkit and Mystery Shopping thread on the Money Shed Forum.

Tern Review the NL10 Necklace Camera

Written by Victoria Swan│Tern Consultancy Ltd│05/02/2015

With a little help from one of our editors, Steph Cassidy, we have tested the latest Lawmate accessory for Video Mystery Shoppers – the NL10 Necklace Camera.

The launch of the NL10 created quite a buzz amongst our Video Shoppers so we wanted to test it for ourselves.


Look and Design

✔  The design of the NL10 is unlike anything else you will find on the video mystery shopping market which is great for putting people off the scent of Video Mystery Shoppers.

X  With no attempt to disguise the black wire connected to the camera the NL10 does draw attention to itself, even more so when worn over light clothing.

X  Although interchangeable, the pendant does stand out which we feel will bring more attention to the NL10 and the camera element in particular where the pendant is attached.

Setting up the Camera

✔  Unattached from your body, the NL10 is easy to set up and attach to your recording device.

✔  The wire acting as the necklace ‘chain’ can be easily altered in length to get you the perfect camera angle.

X  However, the design of the NL10 means that the camera can move around quite easily when setting up and recording. It certainly does not feel as secure as a button camera for example.

Quality of Recording

✔  In bright, natural lighting the NL10 produced acceptable footage, similar to that of the BU18 Button Camera.

X  In poor lighting the NL10 produced grainy footage which would not be accepted by many Mystery Shopping Companies.

✔  The NL10 would be best suited to a stationary visit such as an appointment or an interview

X  Our biggest concern with the NL10 is the amount of movement you experience when recording. Even when making a conscious effort to slow down our movements the footage was enough to make us feel sea sick – you can see for yourself in our sample footage below!


What does this mean?

If you’re considering investing in an NL10 Necklace Camera we would strongly recommend that you think about what type of visits you will be using it for and consider all of our points above!

Remember, it is down to you to provide video footage at the standard set out by the Mystery Shopping Company you are working for.

Contact Victoria, Field Team Manager, if you have any questions on covert video equipment – [email protected]


Event and Exhibition Mystery Shopping

Whether you’re a business which showcases products at a number of annual calendar events or a company which employs an external agency to deliver on site promotional advertising, the investment you make in your exhibition is significant. To ensure that it’s performing to its optimum you can employ mystery shoppers to evaluate a number of different elements of your service offer. Utilising a mystery shopping company to conduct event and exhibition mystery shopping can help your business to ensure both your demonstration stands are delivering to your company standards and are available on site when required.


Events and Exhibitions Mystery Shopping

As a company you may like to consider the following approach to your event or exhibition stand mystery shopping.

  • Is the pop up or exhibition stand manned?
  • Are your sales and promotional staff knowledgeable and approachable?
  • Do they reflect the brand as required aligned to company standards?
  • Are they able to handle sales objections and queries confident and correctly?
  • Do they close sales effectively and capture customer information if applicable?

At Tern we are experts at delivering programmes which can be tailored to you needs. We will work with you to provide a tailored mystery shopping brief which stretches your staffs ability and also  helps you to understand if the know your customer element is being captured.

The Benefits of Event and Exhibition Mystery Shopping.

When one of  countries the premier Luxury Garden Room and Gazebo companies - Crown Pavilions wanted to asses sales staff performance at one of its popular calendar events, Tern were able to provide video mystery shopping to help measure its sales standards. The staff were encouraged to review their performance and were also scored by the mystery shopper who was given a detailed role play which put the team members through their paces.

For Crown Pavilions the sales process is paramount. Sales consultants must show that they know the customer requirements and that they are also understood clearly in return. They must be able to field technical questions about the product and build and also be able to answer questions in relation to local planning requirements. They must be able to do this whilst also building a rapport with the customer with a view to being able to progress the sale.

Head of Sales Marketing at Tern,  James Harper, said: “Crown Pavilions are a progressive company and really want to ensure that both the company and sales staff maximise their potential with a view to providing excellent customer service. By providing a challenging mystery shopping brief we were able to identify some key areas for customer service and sales improvement”

Crown Pavilions Consultant, Stuart Gauld, said: “At Crown Pavilions we exhibit at between 30-40 shows a year, ranging from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, to Grand Designs Live, to Burghley Horse Trails, and even county shows, a very diverse set of shows. With this in mind the strategy and delivery of our sales pitch is key. We chose to use Tern to help us evaluate our performance. We had our own stand filmed, which has been a huge success in order for us to improve the what and how we do.  From start to finish Tern provided us with what every good company should do. They listened to exactly we wanted doing and how, they made suggestions along the way to help us, and they delivered the service they said they would, in the time they set. We will look forward to using Tern again next year to help us to continue to improve.

Alongside the mystery shopping activity, Crown Paviions will use Tern’s online portal to review results and monitor performance via a customised mystery shopping report dashboard.  They take advantage of surveys with built in manager action plans, streamed best practice video content and a tracked appeals process. You can see a short sample video demonstrating our mystery shopping reports below.

Find out more about our approach to event and exhibition mystery shopping fill in our contact form  or call us on 01939 235555.

Written by James Harper – Digital Sales & Marketing Manager – Linkedin Google+ 20/10/2014



Video Mystery Shopping for your company

Video Mystery Shopping

Video Mystery Shopping Company

Video Mystery Shopping

Customer experiences can be impacted in many different ways.  Some of these are obvious and measureable and some are more subtle and can only be witnessed first hand. Video mystery shopping can help you to see this remote and important viewpoint whilst at the same time capturing hard evidence which relates to the key business measurements. We often hear the phrase ‘people buy people’ and ‘first impressions count’. Having the ability to see how a service is delivered from the outside looking in can be a valuable and important asset in evaluating how we truly behave as individuals when representing a company or brand.

The Benefits of Video Mystery Shopping for Companies

So you’ve recruited your staff, trained them to deliver or sell the product/brand and you wait to see the results through the performance frameworks implemented at senior levels. However once an employee has left the training room it is not always possible to have a view of staff performance measurement in the real world which goes beyond the numbers. This is where video mystery shopping becomes an invaluable tool for customer experience managers and sales teams alike.

You might wish to view a mystery shopping video visit for compliance and audit purposes or to see if new staff handle and manage common sales objections in a competent manner. Secret Video Shoppers role plays can be defined ahead of the visit and can focus on areas where you feel that you might be underperforming or failing to deliver a service your customers would expect and demand. It can also be used to collate important training material for use in future improvement sessions.

Mystery shopping sample video:


The Benefits of Video Mystery Shopping for Customers

In competitive marketplaces where there is little differentiation in terms of price, the importance of building a great customer rapport and delivering a quality customer service will help you to build a customer base with a higher customer lifetime value.

Ultimately your happy customers are likely to spend more and make quality referrals for future customers.  The reduced requirement to churn new customers to grow your business will improve your cost per acquisition and create a positive feedback loop. This will result in the the ability to ultimately deliver a superior service over your competitors by diverting budget to aftersales care.

The Benefits for your Staff

Knowing your own shortfalls not only as a company but as an individual allows the opportunity for both parties to improve. Our own view of ourselves is very often clouded by our daily routine and other external factors which influence the way we conduct ourselves as we work. In the same way as anonymous 360 degree feedback methods from your peers can be both beneficial and  enlightening, an external view of performance through a mystery shopping video can yield similar benefits to individuals. The ultimate goal feeds through as the reward of improved service to the customer and career growth for the staff member.

 Buisness Areas which Benefit from Video Mystery Shopping

Video Mystery shoppers give you the benefit of a unique form of customer feedback and can be aligned to your business needs.

For example:

  • Assessing campaign delivery and performance, product promotions and store layouts
  • Benchmarking new store capability
  • Checking sales and services are delivered in a compliant manner
  • Reviewing adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Audit of franchisee operations to see that company standards are maintained

Tern is an agency providing mystery shopping and video mystery shopping services for companies in the UK. Give us a call on 01939235555 to find out a little bit more about our approach.

Written by Gary Edwards – Managing Director – Linkedin Google+ 01/09/2014

Automotive Mystery Shopping Company Case Study

Automotive Mystery Shopping Compnay

Selecting the right automotive mystery shopping company for your sales improvement programme is important.

When one of the UK’s leading BMW dealerships– BMW Rybrook selected Tern to conduct thier video mystery shopping  we were delighted to be able to share our 25 Years of Mystery Shopping experience with this premium brand.

Rybrook understand the importance of providing a quality customer service and utilise our measurement services to ensure standards are not only maintained but built upon through continuous improvement and training.

Tern Digital Marketing Manager James Harper, said: “Working with a progressive and forward thinking business like Rybrook is key to our own success as we seek to define, advise and develop upon our service offer within the automotive sector. Not only will this approach result in a more attentive client experience for Rybrook customers but it will also mean that the dealership sales and aftersales team reaches its full commercial potential”

Dealership Principal, Gareth,  said: “Video mystery shopping benefits us because seeing is believing, so when you show somebody how they interact with customers, how they act when they are asking questions and when they’re communicating, video is far better tool for communication for employees than any other medium. For me it’s all about it making it easy and being able to deliver the objective that we’re trying to achieve and tern has helped us deliver that every single time.”

Automotive Mystery Shopping Reports

Alongside the mystery shopping activity, the management team will use Tern’s online portal to review results and monitor performance via a customised mystery shopping report dashboard.  Rybrook BMW can also take advantage of surveys with built in manager action plans, streamed best practice video content and a tracked appeals process. You can see a short sample video demonstrating our mystery shopping reports below.

Find out more about our approach to automotive mystery shopping or call us on 01939 235555.

Written by James Harper – Digital Sales & Marketing Manager – Linkedin Google+ 06/08/2014