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Research Methods

When it comes to understanding company performance, using mystery shoppers as a customer service research tool can allow you to see beyond traditional customer survey feedback results. Mystery shopping research provides clients with the ability view the business objectively by asking non-subjective customer service questions. This allows you to focus on the detail rather than an overall emotive view of how a customer feels after leaving the point of sale. Our research can be conducted by choosing a number of mystery shopping methods which can gather evidence not possible with any other method of post visit customer research.

Mystery shop research helps you to understand at a granular level where customer service issues might begin to occur. This can be particularly relevant when you roll out a new sales processes or set out new customer service standards that take time for your staff to adapt to.  Using this type of research measurement means that you can trend improvements to service standards over time by having a regular, consistent and timely reporting.

Data Collection Types

Tern can provide you with a full range mystery shopping visit types to cover your needs using either video mystery shopping, telephone mystery shopping or digital report with photographic evidence capture. All reports are delivered through an online mystery shop reporting platform.

Mystery Shop and Customer Survey Feedback

In a customer feedback situation customers are very rarely able to remember every detail of the overall visit and tend to benefit from completing shorter customer satisfaction questionnaires which aren't overly onerous or susceptible to survey abandonment. Mystery shop research is able to fill the gaps where survey fatigue can be an issue. See the article in our blog on mystery shopping vs customer satisfaction feedback to see the benefits of conducting a blended programme.

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