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Detailed performance reporting utilising mystery passengers

Our mystery passengers are travelling on public and private sector transport services across the UK. We help the passenger transport industry gather meaningful data to help shape improvements to service delivery, passenger comfort and reliability.  




Transport research we can conduct:

  • Bus passenger surveys
  • Rail passenger surveys
  • Private hire passenger surveys
  • Airport transfer services

How we monitor passenger services

The mystery passenger research we conduct allows firms to make key decisions based on detailed traveller data which cannot be gathered from the traditional customer feedback survey. 

Whilst assessing the service delivery for individual transport methods, passengers involved in our transport research check the following:

  • That the service takes them where they want to go in safety and comfort
  • Adheres to listed timetables providing a reliable service
  • Is helpful and courteous at all times
  • Tickets are issued correctly and actively checked during travel
  • Uniform guidelines are met and staff are smart in appearance
  • Service Information is delivered correctly

Passenger mystery shopping is a non-subjective way of measuring the overall service being provided. By using covert passengers, managers and trainers can quickly identify the requirements to make those service improvements for the passenger.

Whether those changes are delivered through bus driver training, improved maintenance schedules or changes to the way customer services teams deliver information and tickets. We can help with survey setup and provide input and guidance on all aspects of the programme - right through to presenting key findings to the stakeholders within your business.

How we deliver mystery traveller surveys

Transport management teams can gain access to their mystery passenger reports through a secure online platform or have the information sent direct to their inbox on an automated schedule. We configure your information to reflect your own management hierarchy enabling logical drill down from company level right down to location level.

Locations can be further ‘grouped’ by travel route, travel brand or any other segmentation unique to your business. This allows you to see strengths and weaknesses in the business beyond standard geographical areas. Our mystery shop report data summaries are designed specifically to meet the needs of the sector in which you operate. Additional summary reporting can be presented on site by request.

Transportation mystery shop sample checklist

The information which goes into creating an engaging traveller dashboard and detailed set of reports is a result of a clear understanding of what should go into each passenger transport survey. For each passenger transport method, we create a bespoke template tailored to your requirements.

To ensure you choose the right questions for your business take a look at our blog post 'How to Design a Great Mystery Shopping Survey'.

If you haven’t already thought about the structure of your passenger transport survey see our 'Bus Transport Mystery Shopping Survey Sample' (opens in a new window) available on Google Docs covering:

  • Bus driver friendliness
  • Cleanliness of the bus
  • Ticketing  
  • Passenger comfort
  • Information and WIFI delivery

Tern can create scenarios which test existing timetables punctuality and service levels. These can incorporate both peak and off peak travel times to gain further insight on performance during busy periods of travel. Allowing you to further segment the service to commuter and non-commuter performance.

Passenger Mystery Shopping Case Study

Our client instructed Tern to undertake a mystery passenger study across it North East bus travel network. Tern gathered results from over 500 journeys to build a complete picture of the overall network performance. 

Our research is used by clients to build an overall view of the service on multiple modes of transport and if your measured  through Transport Focus  the data you gather will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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