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Tern Support Vision Aid

At Tern, we are committed to supporting various charities and over recent years have raised money for Sport Relief, Comic Relief and Barnardos amongst others. Working with one of our key partners, we also support Vision Aid Overseas. Vision Aid Overseas provides life transforming programmes in seven countries in Africa. 10% of the world’s population are unnecessarily visually impaired because they do not wear spectacles. In the UK, it is extremely easy to take good sight for granted because of the vast number of optical professionals who work on our high streets. In many parts of the world the story could not be more different. Spectacles are only available to the privileged few and most people cannot afford any eye care. Working with Vision Aid we can help to fight poverty by providing eye care services to people in developing countries who are unnecessarily visually impaired because of poor eye sight. Last year Vision Aid Overseas helped over 45,700 patients to see by providing eye examinations and spectacles. We are pleased to be a supporter of Vision Aid's cause. If you would like to find out more, please visit their website

Watch this space for an announcement about the charity we will be focusing on in 2014. Next year is a special year for Tern, our 25th, and we will be linking up with a special charity partner. 

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