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The Benefits of using Test Purchasing Companies

Test purchasing and point-of-sale audits are a natural extension to mystery shopper fieldwork and we can assign our team to test purchase anything from a single item to a complex basket of goods. We work with a range of companies to help them ensure that the purchasing process is both fit for purpose and compliant.

Mystery Shopper making a test purchase

Conducting integrity tests and purchase compliance monitoring on a frequent basis can help to highlight areas which require remedial action and can also protect you from legal action if it is a requirement to limit the sale of goods by law. 

Are all items scanned correctly, does the receipt reflect the operator in charge and are the items ordered or processed at the till reflected on the receipt?

However you decide to configure the a test purchasing programme we will support by ensuring the data gathered and submitted is aligned to your business and gives you the understanding of your sales process.

Whatever the reason for conducting a test purchasing audit Tern have a field team capable of visiting a range of sectors across the UK including, garage forecourts, off licences, supermarkets,  pubs  and restaurants and department stores.  All of our test purchase reports are delivered online with hard evidence captured and uploaded to sit alongside the scoring. 

If you're looking to elaborate on your test purchasing and include a more thorough programme including an element of customer service measurement you can choose from the from our range of mystery shopping services including video mystery shopping visits.

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