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So what is a Mystery Shopper?
So how do I become a Mystery Shopper at Tern?

At Tern, we have been a Mystery Shopping provider for over 20 years and we are renowned for our excellent long term relationships with our clients. We can only do this with the support of a fantastic network of mystery shoppers with the same aim – to provide our clients with the best mystery shopping service in the UK.

So what is a mystery shopper?

As a mystery shopper (or secret shopper) for Tern you will directly contribute to the improvement of customer service whilst getting paid to do it. You are the voice of the customer who does get to be heard. Mystery Shopping is a covert service, so you will interact with client staff as if you were a typical customer and then record what you observe during the visit. Whether you are making an enquiry about financial services, making a purchase at a store or visiting a health club, the reports you make are ultimately used by our clients to make important business decisions.

As a mystery shopper your work is carried out on a self-employed basis. Once accepted, you will be able to apply for individual assignments via our job board, where you can search by location. You are not obliged to take on work that does not appeal. The fee per assignment includes your travel costs and miscellaneous expenses and is relative to the type of assignment and complexity of the task. Payment is made on a weekly basis by BACS.  

So how do I become a mystery shopper at Tern?

We are always looking for new people to join our team and it is quick and easy to sign up – just click on the sign up button below, fill out our registration form and your application will be assessed. When you become a Tern mystery shopper, your input can really help our clients deliver better customer service and improve their business.

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How to become a Mystery Shopper

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