Why Choose Tern?

Established in 1989 by three partners as a customer service training consultancy, Tern cut its teeth in the mystery shopping world in the early 90’s. Our first nationwide programme for Black & Decker Service Centres, was quickly followed by a mystery shopping contract with HMV, and from this point the entire focus of Tern was firmly on mystery shopping and customer insights.

Tern is now one of the UK’s leading mystery shopping agencies, and has since built a reputation for designing and operating programmes that deliver visible improvements for a diverse range of companies and sectors.

From our experienced project and media managers at our Head Office to our 20,000+ skilled mystery shoppers on the ground, everyone at Tern understands the importance of great service.  We are dedicated to helping you to build an exceptional experience for your customers.

Tern is renowned for having productive long term client partnerships, a rapport that has enabled us to continually grow over our 27 years in the business.

Tern Account Manager

Tern Customised solutions

We work with our clients from the start to gain a true understanding of the business. This allows to deliver programmes unique to your sector or business model

Robust data Capture

With digital data and reports flooding our daily routines it can be difficult to make sense of the numbers. This is why all the data we capture is neatly package in our state of the art customer insights dashboard complimented by our mobile app.

High quality field team

We build a strong rapport with our field team and we ensure that they receive prompt payment for their services. Tern is the fastest paying company in the industry which results in a highly effective and mobile field team of mystery shoppers.


Our mystery shopping research programmes are designed and configured by our senior account managers all of whom provide additional mentoring for their own support teams. Our focus on team development means that our most senior members are able to understand what goes into making a truly successful programme from the ground up.


Having in-house specialists who understand dashboard creation and reporting tools means the data they every client receives will be a fit for the business. We are constantly evolving our service proposition so that our clients can easily access data in just one click whether that be from their desktop or mobile device.

Our Sectors and Service Expertise

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