Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We are a market leader in customer satisfaction surveys for tracking and monitoring, providing end-to-end customer surveys for UK companies.  The research method provides important feedback on a customer’s perception of a store or brand experience.

An effective customer satisfaction survey focuses on measuring customer perceptions of how well a company delivers in key areas of the experience. This information is gathered so that customer engagement managers, staff trainers and operations teams can make informed changes based on the survey scoring and anecdotal feedback.

Here at Tern our expert solutions can seamlessly blend with your mystery shopping research and reporting. Whether this is your first customer survey or you’re a long-term insights specialist, we provide the most appropriate survey recommendations to meet your sector requirements.

With customer satisfaction survey research, you can understand:

  1. Service delivery
  2. The buying experience
  3. Staff responsiveness
  4. Customer service pinch points

Our customer satisfaction surveys focus on the customer journey within your business. Knowing the opinions of real customers offers a great insight into your business. Whether the information is gathered as part of a strategic overview, or is a tactical exercise to understand particular service elements.

Customer satisfaction surveys tend to be shorter in nature when compared with mystery shopping, they should focus on the key service elements you are seeking to understand.

How customer satisfaction surveys benefit your company:

  1. Understand your customer willingness to recommend with (NPS)
  2. Keeps communication with you customers alive
  3. Becomes a key component of your business strategy
  4. Help you increase customer lifetime value
  5. Encourages positive word of mouth and referrals

Finally, the ultimate purpose of this type of survey is to benchmark how satisfied your customers are with the service. Happy customers are extremely valuable to your company and more likely to come back and make repeat purchases. Quickly identifying any key issues will not only save money it will help you to grow a happy customer base.

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Mystery Shop Reporting Dashboard

All mystery shopping reports are delivered through our intelligent software platform for fast and easy analysis of results. Use our custom dashboards for a quick overview or drill right down to analyse issues and opportunities – the choice is yours.

Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one dimensional information and you can use our reporting to platform to aid you with training, development and motivation of your employees.

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