Online, eCommerce & Call Centres

We provide detailed online, e-commerce and call centre mystery shopping research to aid customer experience teams (CEMs) monitor the modern customer journey.

Whilst most companies can track customer calls and online orders from start to finish, the information gathered doesn’t always represent the true picture of the overall service and it certainly doesn’t reveal the emotions their customers feel as they move through the process from browsing through to fulfilment.

We help UK companies to measure the online journeys, call centre interactions and the delivery experience beyond simple web based monitoring.

Call Centre Mystery Shopping

Giving the customers an efficient method of communicating via your contact centre is essential to handling your customer orientated strategy.

With telephone call mystery shopping you can measure:

  • Speed of call transfers
  • length of call time in call queues
  • Call routing success (hunt groups and IVR setup)
  • Proactive monitoring of regulatory requirements
  • Contact handling capabilities

Giving the customers an efficient method of communicating both online and offline is essential to handling a speedy and customer focused communication strategy.

Online Mystery Shopping

Use our online mystery shopping research in the following areas:

  • User acceptance testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Social media and community management training
  • Live website testing to understand page performance and delivery issues
  • Interactions between your website and call centre for order handling and enquiries

Mystery shopping your online presence will enable you to identify any potential issues with your digital proposition prior to going live. Our field researchers can also measure multiple contact methods for key interactions between online and offline channels

  • Online payments
  • Speed of collection service
  • Condition of delivered items and packaging
  • Adherence to regulations for restricted items (Under Age Sales Testing)
  • Online return policy testing
  • Online refunds testing

For companies distributing products and goods via click and collect services there are logistical touchpoints and numerous testing scenarios which can and should be undertaken for the above. Whether your focus is on brand, compliance or service delivery, mystery shopping can help you maintain your service standards.

Services for the Online, eCommerce & Call Centres Sector

Mystery Shop Reporting Dashboard

All mystery shopping reports are delivered through our intelligent software platform for fast and easy analysis of results. Use our custom dashboards for a quick overview or drill right down to analyse issues and opportunities – the choice is yours.

Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one dimensional information and you can use our reporting to platform to aid you with training, development and motivation of your employees.

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