Hospitality, Leisure & Restaurants

The hospitality and leisure industry builds loyalty by selling the unique features and benefits of the service and facilities they offer. To make a lasting impression requires customer service that consistently exceed expectations. Our hospitality and leisure mystery shopping programmes will help you train your employees to delight guests and customers time after time.

Our clients love the positive impact our mystery shops have had on employee engagement, service, and customer satisfaction.  Surveys are tailored to address each client’s unique standards and we deliver insights beyond the numbers.

Our approach provides you with a comprehensive report with extensive story-like narrative that details every aspect of the shopper’s visit.

About hospitality & leisure sector mystery shopping
Mystery shop visits are designed to replicate real life situations and problems faced by normal guests and customers. Instructing shoppers to pose a problem or make a request to a staff member allows us to capture how your employees are responding. It’s a valuable way to gain detailed insight on the overall customer service in your hotel, bar, restaurant or café.

Customer measurement areas for the hospitality & leisure sector

Hospitality & leisure sector insights

  • Identify at location level opportunities to improve overall service
  • Monitor marketing campaign deployment at store level
  • Seek opportunities to improve the overall customer service journey

Providing detailed customer insights:

After the visits/reports have been completed you will have access to a comprehensive suite of hospitality mystery shopping insights delivered through our fully customisable digital reporting dashboard.

You’ll be supported by an experienced management team who will be able to expertly guide you through the mystery shop process.

Services for the Hospitality, Leisure & Restaurants Sector

Mystery Shop Reporting Dashboard

All mystery shopping reports are delivered through our intelligent software platform for fast and easy analysis of results. Use our custom dashboards for a quick overview or drill right down to analyse issues and opportunities – the choice is yours.

Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one dimensional information and you can use our reporting to platform to aid you with training, development and motivation of your employees.

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