Mystery Shopping Research

When it comes to understanding company performance, using mystery shopping research is a hugely powerful customer service tool which allows companies to see beyond traditional customer survey results.

Mystery shopping research provides clients with the ability to view the business objectively by asking non-subjective customer service questions. This allows us to focus on the process rather than an emotive view of how a customer feels after interacting with a service or product.

Our research can be conducted by choosing a number of mystery shopping research approaches and includes reporting for physical retail locations, call centre environments and online services.

The detailed research we conduct helps companies to understand at a granular level where customer service delivery differs from anticipated standards. This can be particularly relevant when a business rolls out a new sales process or sets out new customer service standards that take time for staff to adapt to.

Using this type of research measurement means that you can trend improvements over time by having regular, consistent and timely reporting.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods include detailed evidence capture and which can be conducted as either quantitative or qualitative exercises.

Quantitative Mystery Shop Research

Quantitative market research is more structured than qualitative research methods and is statistical in nature. By asking our mystery shoppers to target locations or services with a higher frequency you will have access to numerically robust data on which to make informed decisions.

Our quantitative mystery shop services are particularly suitable for businesses in a fast moving environment and can be the solution for clients seeking to:

  • Collect numerical data which can be analysed by customer insight/operations teams
  • Evaluate what is happening within stores or contact centres
  • Gain anonymous responses allowing mystery shop researchers the opportunity to be completely transparent about the service they receive
  • Collect large sets of data quickly and effectively

Qualitative Mystery Shop Research

Custom qualitative research services are the solution for clients seeking to:

  • Understand the complete customer experience
  • Test new product and service frameworks in sample numbers
  • Create and test new product concepts (User Acceptance Testing)
  • To assess and turnaround poor performing resources with focused testing

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Mystery Shop Reporting Dashboard

All mystery shopping reports are delivered through our intelligent software platform for fast and easy analysis of results. Use our custom dashboards for a quick overview or drill right down to analyse issues and opportunities – the choice is yours.

Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one dimensional information and you can use our reporting to platform to aid you with training, development and motivation of your employees.

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