Vets4Pets launched in 2001, and provide veterinary healthcare and advice in practices right across the UK.

Based in locations such as pet stores, Vets4Pets offers general animal health treatments and welfare advice through to emergency medical procedures.

Vets4Pets also markets a selection of pet health plans such as Vac4Life (a lifetime vaccination programme) with a range of marketing materials used to promote these within each store.

The Proposal

Vets4Pets operates over 400 pets practices throughout the UK – supported by a central marketing and support team.

To ensure the vets practices are receiving the correct level of support from the support team, the Tern team worked closely with the team at Vets4Pets using our call centre mystery shopping expertise to create an internal call centre programme.

This involved the mystery shoppers contacting the support team, acting as an internal member of staff – with assignments including requesting marketing materials or specific support requests.

The Results

As part of the campaign, Vets4Pets have been able to review their internal contact centres, with the aim of ensuring that support processes and requests are managed efficiently – allowing the in-store team to provide the full range of services to the clients more effectively.

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