Subway is an internationally recognised fast food business, recognised for providing an array of healthy selections including sub sandwiches and salads as part of the ever expanding range.

Subway is dedicated to being socially responsible – not just providing nutritious food choices for people on the go, but also creating individual businesses that support all stakeholders. This includes providing the highest level of customer service as well as focusing on the environment, sustainability and giving back to the people involved from the staff to the community, and.

Today there are 2350 stores in the UK, and over 44000 Subways that are company owned or run by franchisees worldwide.

The Proposal

Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the UK. With new franchisees entering the market on a regular basis, it was important to the UK Subway team that their outlets were providing the highest quality food and standards of customer service. They also wanted to review how they could continue to improve their offer in the dynamic and highly competitive fast food market.

Tern started working with Subway in 2017, working with the team to design a specific mystery shopping programme that will help them to continue to drive up customer service standards and build on the business offering.

This includes mystery shopping visits to some of the 2350 stores throughout the UK, with shoppers interacting with staff at the franchises and making a purchase.

The Results

The Subway mystery shopping programme is currently ongoing, but the results will be used to continually enhance the offer provided to customers throughout the UK.

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