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Audio Reporting

We are proud to be one of first companies to offer a full UK audio reporting option.  With audio reporting, our mystery shoppers make a walk-in visit to your premises and covertly record the conversation.  This type of research works really well in environments where the shopper and the adviser have a one to one conversation.  Typical applications include banks, building societies, car dealerships, health care operations, etc.  The beauty of audio reporting compared to video is that it is less intrusive but still provides all the hard evidence required where compliance is key to business success.

Having invested in the latest technology we can ensure the recording is of the highest quality and as it can be streamed straight into your survey results, you can hear the audio while viewing your mystery shopping report.

As with all our solutions, you will have the option of a built-in manager appeal process, best practice video streamed to the survey and manager action plans that allow your managers to enter their intended actions right into the survey as a permanent entry for all to see.

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