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Customer Satisfaction Insights Reporting

Customer Satifaction Reporting Tools for Customer InsightsLike two sides of the same coin, customer satisfaction data and mystery shopping insights  data go hand in hand to provide you with a complete overview. Ask your customers what they like and dislike using a customer satisfaction survey, model your service and then use mystery shopping to monitor whether the model is being delivered.

There are lots of ways to complicate this process but here at Tern, we like to keep things plain and simple. With this in mind, we make building and deploying your customer satisfaction survey quick and easy.

Delivered through a fast and responsive platform

  • Our platform is optimised for mobile devices – no apps to download, just a design that works beautifully on smart phones and tablets
  • Drawing on our experience we can help you build a survey that really helps you understand your customers’ perceptions
  • We can integrate your results with your mystery shopping data to provide a complete overview at store/location level
  • Your customers can be invited to complete the survey via URL posting, QR code, email invitation or any preferred combination
  • Flat rate pricing, irrespective of the number of responses
  • Providing exceptional value for money 

Customer Satisfaction SolutionsAnalyse Customer Satisfaction Data


So, if you are looking for a fast, intuitive insights solution that allows your customers to give their feedback on the go, then we can help. With software this good though, we don’t just want to talk about it, we want to show it to you. Contact us now and we can show you what we can do via a chat or screen sharing session.


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