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Automotive Mystery Shopping

How we conduct the automotive industry mystery shopping visits.

We can audit your business whether you're a vehicle showroom, tyre service centre or car hire company, by capturing hard evidence to assess areas of importance to you. We do this by using either video mystery shopping, audio device recording or getting our mystery shoppers to complete detailed written mystery shopping reports

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What can we cover:

  • Showroom standards and presentation
  • Test drive delivery and sales representative product knowledge
  • Knowledge of automotive finance options and dealership event incentives
  • Aftersales quality checking

With this information you can: 

  • Understand missed sales opportunities and implement training for improvement.
  • Identify at dealership level, areas of non-compliance and poor service
  • Verify that advertising campaigns are launched on time and executed properly
  • Seek opportunities to improve the consumer journey from the initial enquiry

How we deliver the reports and visit analysis:

After the visits/reports have been completed you will have access to a comprehensive suite of mystery shopping reports delivered through our online dashboard.


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