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About Hotel Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping Hotel Case Study

Tern mystery shops are designed to replicate real life situations and problems faced by normal guests every day. Instructing shoppers to pose a problem or make a request to a staff member and capturing how the employee responds is a valuable way to gain detailed insight about how guests are treated.

Visits can also include evaluations of food and service at an on-site restaurant and/or require a room service component to establish cleanliness and room standards. It is critical to realise that a great opportunity exists to be seen by customers as superior to your competition by focusing on customer service and the overall guest experience.


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When aligned properly with other measurement and management tools, mystery shopping results can provide a valuable insight for future performance. A mystery shopping programme with Tern will hope you focus on employee behaviour that is not meeting the company standards which you define when you set out your vision of superb customer service.

The advantages of Mystery Shopping your Hotel with Tern

As one of the UK’s longest established mystery shopping companies, Tern have made significant contributions to companies realising the power of mystery shopping as a research tool.

Nationwide Coverage We have mystery shoppers near the hotels you want shopped with coverage across all the UK major cities from London to Edinburgh.

  • Online results distribution. The structure of our mystery shops is based on our survey format which is tailored to you, Tern’s role play based approach enables our hotel clients to define improvements to drive customer Satisfaction, effective customer-feedback techniques and other essential performance measures.
  • Direct one-on-one management of shoppers.  Our dedicated allocations team speak with our shoppers every day; this ensures that the shoppers fully understand specific brief requirements and receive continual actionable feedback for you. This ensures that the delivery of our insight maintains the high standards required.

Hotel Mystery Shopping Programme Sample Questions

  • Do your employees treat your hotel guests as outlined in your company standards?
  • Take the time to sympathetically listen and respond to guests’ needs?
  • Correctly inform customers about your services?
  • How you do to ensure fewer customers leave with a negative view of your offer?
  • Are your competitors out performing you?
  • Are your employees motivated, and how can you improve this?
  • Are promotional signs, displays, and other types of marketing materials present and correctly positioned within your hotels?

Hotel Mystery Shopping Results

  • Understand exactly what customer focused behaviors look and sound like
  • Track and trend behaviors with area and regional benchmarking to allow manager action plans to be delivered.
  • Vary programs to evaluate a variety of different customer touch points,
  • Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience through an in depth report with quality commentary gathered from our shoppers.
  • Identify gaps in training requirements
  • Ensure compliance with brand standards 

No matter what your objectives, we will work with you to define a robust programme.

Coverage Areas 

Insights for the Hotel and Leisure industry

At the end of each round you gain access to the following information.

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Online Scorecards
  • Granular insight
  • Detailed commentary to support scoring
  • Individual Customer Experience Reports
  • Strengths & Opportunities Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Mystery Shoppers with a Wealth of Experience. 

Our shoppers are also our clients and our most important commodity. Our mystery shoppers have grown with Tern. With direct contact, we ensure that they in turn are also assessed for the quality of work that they produce.

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