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How to Build a Business Case for Mystery Shopping

As enthusiastic advocates of mystery shopping the team at Tern already firmly believe in the benefits it can bring to business performance, and if you’re reading this article it's most likely that you share our belief or are considering how it can help your company.

Building a business case for any new project can take up more time than you have available. Buyers and procurement teams frequently ask us for supporting documentation at key stages within the fact finding and selection process.  This is why we have prepared a mystery shopping toolkit to help get you started, the toolkit will enable you to think about how the needs of the business can be fulfilled by undertaking a considered and well built mystery shopping programme.

The documents below can help you to position the benefits of mystery shopping to key stakeholders and the senior management team alike, allowing you to focus more time on the structure of the mystery shopping survey.

You won’t need to register, login or provide your details to access the supporting material – just simply choose the documents you need and amend them to suit your own presentation. Alternatively, if you would like something bespoke or need a free quotation to sit alongside your presentation we can provide that to.

In certain circumstances it may be beneficial to conduct a mystery shop trial visit to verify the needs of the programme are being met by the format selected. This works particularly well if you have a complex or niche set of requirements.

If you’re looking for support with the next stages of presenting a business case for mystery shopping get in touch. Whatever your requirement we can provide you with the information you need to help you in this process.

The Mystery Shopping Toolkit includes:

Mystery Shop Supporting Information: 

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How to become a Mystery Shopper

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