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Adding video to your main programme is a great way to get qualitative feedback in addition to your standard mystery shopping visit. To aid understanding of your mystery shop scores, you can request our video feedback service which can be implemented alongside your existing surveys. 

Bring the data to life with feature rich content

After years of running video mystery shopping programmes we understand the power of video to tell the story. Our VoxPop integration allows our mystery shoppers  to leave a short video message about their experience via their mobile, tablet, or desktop device as an addition to the traditional written narrative.

Watch the video:

How it Works

Our panel of mystery shoppers conduct mystery shop visits as normal then choose the option to provide a video feedback of the experience. Mystery shoppers love to provide their views and video adds an extra dimension which brings the numbers to life. Putting a face to your mystery shopping reports  also acts as an additional validation to support key findings. 

Video Vox Pops Mystery Shop

Take emotional narrative into the boardroom

Video not only provides more content than traditional written narratives, it also allows you to focus on the individuals emotion when speaking about their experience. For visits which contain a focus on compliance and audit, video can be the key element which brings the story to life.


Vox Pop Video feedback

How the VoxPop Mystery Shop Plus+ videos are formatted

  • Videos are recorded in a selfie format on the shoppers preferred device.
  • Shoppers provide a short video summary of the store experience.
  • Highlights  can be combined into show reel summaries which can be added to your reporting
  • Senior management teams see our shoppers give genuine feedback on the quality of  service. 

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