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Website and telephone mystery shopping

Your customers interact with your business in many different ways and our  mystery shopping programmes adapt to reflect your business model. Our online mystery shopping and multi-channel service offer helps you to understand how different delivery channels interact with one another.  We can mystery shop your business via your website, call centre and social media channels.

Use our Online Mystery Shopping Services in the following areas:

  • User acceptance testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Social media and community management training
  • Live website testing to understand page performance and delivery issues
  • Interactions between your website and call centre for order handling and enquiries

There will always be a requirement to learn and revise your online campaigns in a live environment, however if you are able to understand customer perceptions before the final release of a website you could potentially save yourself costly re-development work.  Mystery shopping your online presence will enable you to identify any potential issues with your digital proposition prior to going live. Our field researchers can help you understand the key issues that you may have overlooked. The commentary we gather can also help to validate your website developments against personas which you have identified in early research stages.

Our field researchers can assess multiple contact methods to help you measure key interactions between online and offline channels.


Does your call centre understand the how the website can assist with call volumes? 

Use Telephone Call Mystery Shopping to measure:

  • Speed of call transfer
  • length of call time till speaking to a valid contact
  • Assigning the queries to the direct department
  • Proactive monitoring to compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Contact handling capabilities

Giving the customers an efficient method of communicating both online and offline is essential to handling a speedy and customer focused contact strategy. 

Can call handlers answer queries with regards to online services, website and vice versa?

To see the websites and call centres as isolated one way channels is no longer enough to satisfy customer’s expectations. Customers are demanding that there preferred methods of communication are addressed. Using mystery shoppers can help you to assess the performance within this area.

Click and Collect

Use a click and collect mystery shopper service to test

Find more information on about our online mystery shopping and multi-channel  service offer call 01939 235555

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