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Telephone Reporting

Presenting your team with a recording of themselves dealing with a typical customer is a hugely powerful way of changing behaviour. Nothing gives them (or you) quite the same quality of insight. Recorded telephone mystery shopping is also hugely beneficial for calls taken by regulated business (for example in financial services) as it provides an indisputable account of what was said.

Having invested in the latest technology we can ensure the recording is of the highest quality and as it can be streamed straight into your survey results, you can hear the audio while viewing your mystery shopping report.

As with all our solutions, you will have the option of a built-in manager appeal process and manager action plans that allow your teams to enter their intended actions right into the survey as a permanent entry for all to see.

Telephone mystery shopping often forms part of a larger programme of work involving walk-in visits with video or written reporting, and as all types employ the same software and survey design, the results are seamless.

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