Tern Celebrates 25 Years of Mystery Shopping

Tern Consultancy started mystery shopping in 1989 and in that year the Berlin wall fell, the internet was born, Margaret Thatcher was in power and Dawn Edwards (founder of Tern) started to help UK High Street stores by giving them a unique insight into what was happening on the shop floor.

Written by James Harper – Digital Sales & Marketing Manager – Linkedin Google+ 02/06/2014

Experienced in Mystery Shopping for 25 Years

Tern 25 Years Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping adapts to reflect changing retail habits.

The High Street in 1989 was a different place and the internet was still in its infancy. These were important times for retailers and Mystery Shopping was a valuable new tool to help those people heading up sales and customer experience teams make service improvements for shoppers.

From that initial start Tern has gone on to provide valuable insights for businesses evolving with technology over time. Fast forward 25 years and the flip boards have long since gone and we have grown into our digital lives, however the principle of mystery shopping remains the same as it has done for years.

An experienced field team.

Our experienced field representatives have grown with us and our quality of reporting remains unique in its level of detail. We are one of the few companies to provide video based mystery shopping services. We also record audio based reports for call centres and sales enquiry lines.

And because sometimes numbers just aren’t enough, our feedback commentary tells the story behind those figures and percentages with written reports with detailed feedback in a way that helps customer experience teams focus on the key areas for action.

Our clients have ranged from call centres and high street retailers through to car dealerships, hotels and financial service providers.

Thanks to Dawn Edwards for starting Tern Consultancy and helping all of us to get the level of customer service we expect when we are out shopping, next stop 50 Years.