Boost Sales

How to boost your sales with mystery shopping

Understanding missed sales opportunities is important for any business.  By researching where our sales approach is at its weakest, we are provided with the chance to close the gaps in the overall process. Mystery shop is the perfect tool for this and allows us to focus on each component of the overall customer service.

Are upsells running at 20% in one location and 100% somewhere else?

Our research can quickly tell you why customers are more likely to convert in one location over another.  By configuring your mystery shopping survey to match the customer journey you’ll be able to map upsells and conversion rates with accuracy and reliability.

  • Use the statistical reporting combined with qualitative feedback to understand what is happening within your outlets.
  • Link that data back to the overall profit performance of each store to measure increase in turnover and increases in average transaction values.
  • Motivate teams by sharing the results and creating a sense of competition

Key areas in which mystery shopping can help to boost sales:

  1. Introduction to offers (meal deals, upsells, ancillary items, etc.)
  2. Sign-ups to clubs, mailing lists and loyalty cards
  3. Introduction of other buying channels (e.g. ordering online)
  4. Overcoming objections
  5. Asking for the business

Mystery shop provides great value for money when compared to alternative methods of customer research and can easily provide you with a quick return on investment through improved sales conversions.

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