“We’re committed to putting the customer at the heart of our business. Tern have provided us with consistent support and invaluable insights allowing us to improve of customers’ shopping experience.”

Samantha Thorley, Customer Experience Coordinator


Operating across 539 sites,  Midcounties Co-operative aim to deliver a friendly local service to a loyal base of members and customers.  Business ethics run high on their agenda and this is evidenced in all aspects of their operation.

The Proposal

To engage staff and to ensure that the member message is being delivered within stores we were commissioned to help measure the adoption of both the rebranded store standards and membership awareness across the Midcounties Co-operative group.

Our retail and convenience sector mystery shopper surveys are designed to measure all aspects of the store, customer service and membership promotion/experience. To aid customer insights teams, new and old format stores were visited both before and after refit and training in targeted programmes which measure the success of embedded training initiatives.

The Results

Customer insights teams are able to directly review and segment the data through our state of the art client insights reporting dashboard. Whether that’s understanding how well the message of membership benefits is reaching the customer or internal store standards. By understanding each area of the business through granular evidence gathering, Midcounties Co-op are able to build a detailed picture of the overall customer service.

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