Compliance Measurement

Tern conduct compliance audit testing for financial services firms, the retail sector, utility companies and service providers.  In fact, anywhere that you can envisage customers entering into contracts or being affected by industry regulations our mystery shopper field team are busy putting processes to the test.

Unlike other mystery shopping work, some clients simply want us to provide the evidence relating to the visit to enable their internal compliance teams to scrutinise the evidence and identify any risk areas.  This evidence can include:

  • Audio recording of the visit
  • Hard copy of documentation, contracts, SECCI and important information
  • Screen shots of digital correspondence
  • Transcription of conversation (taken from covert audio recording)
  • Video recording of the visit

If your concerned about your staff complying with sales and marketing codes of conduct, then a tailored mystery shop compliance testing programme is a reliable way to ensure adherence to regulatory or advisory guidelines for your sector.

Compliance audits provide a clear and factual account of the customer experience.  A detailed programme will support your focus on key areas of operational risk and support your second line defence checking.

Areas the mystery shopper compliance testing can cover:

  • Proposed regulations which might impact your business or lead to a loss in competitive advantage
  • Areas affecting reputational risk through failing to comply with regulations
  • Complying with the sales or marketing codes of conduct.

Our mystery shopper reports dashboard support teams in focusing on areas of compliance which require manager action and training.

How conducting compliance audits benefit your business

  • Quality standards can be directly related to the customer experience.
  • Standards can be made objective and measurable and cover a number of key areas.
  • Training of brand/conduct standards can be embedded within reporting frameworks.
  • Business owners are able review compliance audit reports and correlate it to store, location or regional performance through our digital reporting platform.

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