Will you help to create our survey?

Of course! We work with each and every client to ensure their survey provides them with all of the information they are after.  Our team of account managers have decades of experience designing surveys which reliably yield clear and accurate results.

We will work with you to create a survey which focuses mainly on the specific information you wish to glean from your Mystery Shopping Programme.  Whether that means creating a new survey from scratch based on your particular needs and objectives; or adjusting a survey you have already created to guarantee dynamic and informative answers from our shoppers.

The key to writing a good survey is brevity. Questions must be succinct and more importantly, there can’t be too many! We have found that the surveys which most benefit our clients are those that contain fewer and more direct questions, followed by shopper comments justifying each score given. Keeping questions concise and focused allows for much more effective comparison across reports, and the shopper justifications allow you to dive deeper into each score.

What is most important to understand, is that no matter the circumstances, our dedicated team of experts will be with you during the survey writing process, project set up, and throughout the project to ensure that your business gets the most out of your Mystery Shopping programme.

Want to know more? See our blog post on how to write a mystery shopping survey.