How much does mystery shopping cost and is it a good investment?

Mystery shopping costs less than you think!  The cost has been reducing for many years due to the efficiencies that the internet has brought to our business.  For us at Tern, we are able to deliver more high quality reports, through the evolution of our software and processes, with fewer people at our head office.  This has had a direct downward effect on our pricing and our clients are often surprised at the low price point with which we can deliver complicated logistically challenging work schedules.  If your company has a mystery shopping programme and you haven’t gone out to the market for a few years – you may be pleasantly surprised at the quotes you get back. Hear from our clients

Just because it’s not expensive doesn’t mean it’s a good investment.  Delivering mystery shopping since 1989, we have seen some projects that have proven to be a waste of money and numerous projects that have had a dramatic positive impact on the clients business.  What mystery shopping does is introduce accountability into the work place.  It enables those that deliver good service to be recognised for their efforts and it identifies those that require further help to get the attention they need.  By delivering reports that people trust (fair, objective and reliable information) we generally get good buy-in from the location level management teams.  When upper management use that information effectively to motivate and develop their teams then mystery shopping can have a huge impact on operations.  It can improve service levels, drive up sales and increase NPS scores.

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