How long does it take to get a programme up and running?

Depending on the scope of the programme, we can set a Mystery Shopping programme up and running within a matter of days!

We agree the objectives, you will then be assigned an Account Manager who will work with you throughout the project setup.

Your Account Manager will liaise with you on the mystery shopper brief and survey construction. Once the setup has been approved it will be handed over to our scheduling team.

Our scheduling team oversee all locations and allocate each mystery shop visit. Closely working with your Account Manager to ensure the most suitable shoppers are chosen for each task. For more complex programmes or where there is a specific shopper profile, we can set qualifications to build a specific shopper team and ensure they are the right profile and/or have specific experience or attributes.

So the more contact we have with you during the setup, the faster the process will be and guarantee the best possible programme for you!