What’s included with Setup and Account Management?

All the support you can reasonably expect is included in our standard fees.  Even though we say it ourselves – we are experts when it comes to mystery shopping!  It makes sense then for us to have input and a guiding hand when it comes to creating the survey.  Years of experience have given us an intuitive feel for what will and won’t work on the score sheet.  Also, because we understand how the reporting dashboard works from the back-side, a slight adjustment to the configuration of the questions can have a major positive impact on the reporting functionality.

So, we can help you with the survey creation and we can also help with the shopper brief.  In fact, it’s often quicker for us to develop these from scratch once we have an understanding of your needs and submit to you for amends and approval.  We certainly don’t want the start of your new programme to place large demands on your time and we do everything we can to take up the burden for you.

Once the programme is up and running, we will configure your reporting dashboard so that it is optimised for you and this will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet your needs.  Your account manager will provide all reasonable support via telephone, email and screenshare.  For larger clients, where regular on-site meetings are required, we will normally have a service level agreement in place that ensures mutual understanding and a high level of service that reflects the scale and complexity of the client’s needs.