Make the most of your mystery shopping programme

We speak to people from all backgrounds in our day to day jobs here at Tern. What we’re always surprised to hear from people who don’t use our services, is that they think mystery shopping is just about measuring performance. But mystery shopping is so much more – an effective mystery shopping programme gives quick access to new insights about your business and will in turn drive a better experience for your customers.

So how can you improve your mystery shopping programme in just 3 easy steps?

1. Know your Customer Journey

Your programme needs to look at what’s important to you as a business but also what’s important to your customer, so it must be designed looking at every part of your customer journey. Map out the journey and ensure your programme looks at everything – good and bad!

customer journey

2. Quality Implementation

Mystery shopping is no different to many other industries – quality in, quality out. To get the most out of your programme you need quality operations. The best mystery shopping companies use the best technology so as a client you benefit from quicker, dependable and more enlightening feedback. They also use the best shoppers. No one in the industry has an exclusive panel of shoppers, but those companies who train, manage and pay their shoppers appropriately, ensure they get to use the best shoppers.


3. Take Action

Finally, action has to be taken. If action is not taken, the data remains just that – data! Good mystery shopping companies will ensure the data is available in an easy to use format in real time so action can be taken quickly by the client. And some will be able to help with additional analysis. However, the most successful programmes are where the client takes the results and invests time and resources to ensure the mystery shopping programme is made integral to the running of the business alongside other sources of information.


So take action today, implement the three tips above and see the improvements in your mystery shopping programme.