Motivating Teams

To understand how well your business operates and to also get the most out of it, you must first find out how well all of the component parts gel together.  Mystery shopping enables your training and support teams to focus on areas where staff development is most needed.

The aggregation of marginal gains

Dave Brailsford coined this phrase when he set out to win the Tour de France with a British team in 2010.  Seeking the 1% improvement in everything they did, the concept was that these ‘marginal gains’ would accumulate into a winning force.  It worked.

Mystery shopping can help you spot these marginal gains within your own business by crystalising large amounts of data into a simple management dashboard that shouts out the elements and/or locations needing urgent attention.  Our mobile app allows you to scrutinise any segment of your business (company, region, area or store) and immediately see where points are being lost and which aspect of service delivery is holding you back.

Share this fair and objective data with your teams to help them succeed and help them learn from each other.  Create mystery shopping ambassadors within your own business to share their best practice or become involved in our own Tern Awards and let us recognise and reward your service superstars.

Bring accountability into service delivery and recognise and reward those individuals who are driving your brand forwards – and work with those who are struggling with the hymn sheet.