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Mystery Shopping Report Examples

Online Dashboard - Summary Mystery Shop Reporting and Management Information

Our mystery shopping reports are rich in detail and can be used to tell the story of your business. We gather data which is relevant, measurable and actionable, bringing you a new dimension to your management information packs. Our easy to navigate reporting platform is configured to suit your needs with a fully customisable display. 

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Explore some of the display options by viewing the sample mystery shopping reports below: 

Your time may be limited but we can help with survey setup and provide input and guidance on all aspects of your programme - right through to presenting findings to key stakeholders within your business.

How the Online Mystery Shop Reports are Shared

Management teams can gain access to their reports through a secure online platform or have the information sent direct to their inbox on an automated schedule. We configure your information to reflect your own management hierarchy enabling logical drill down from company level right down to location level. Locations can be further ‘grouped’ by turnover, fascia or any other segmentation unique to your business allowing you to see strengths and weaknesses in the business beyond standard geographical areas. Our mystery shop report data summaries are designed specifically to meet the needs of the sector in which you operate. To achieve this our reporting software goes through a continuous improvement cycle taking advantage of the latest methods of technical delivery.

Mystery Shopping Sample Checklist

The information which goes into creating an engaging dashboard and detailed set of reports is a result of a clear understanding of what should go into the mystery shopping survey. For each style of mystery shop assessment we create a bespoke mystery shop survey tailored to your requirements.

To ensure you choose the right questions for your business take a look at our blog post 'How to Design a Great Mystery Shopping Survey'.

If you haven’t already thought about the structure of your mystery shopping questions see our  'Free Sample Mystery Shopping Survey(pdf) to give you a starting reference. We work with a range of business types and can provide mystery shopping question sets and template checklists for retail stores, financial services, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.

If you're looking for one of the following templates to help support the start of your programme, why not contact us to see how we can help. 

  • Supermarket template and checklist
  • Retail template and checklist
  • Financial services template and checklist
  • Hotel template and checklist
  • Restaurant and Leisure template and checklist
  • Facilities audit template and checklist

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