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Written Reporting

Written reporting is probably the type of mystery shopping most people recognise, but our written reporting stands out in a marketplace dominated by tick lists. Our reports will provide you with both qualitative and quantitative feedback so your staff can really understand the experience of their customers.

A bespoke survey will be developed for you and we will refine and perfect the survey as your programme develops to ensure it is tailored perfectly to your needs. We do not limit ourselves to basic Yes and No questions. Your tailored user access to our Intelligent Software Platform will then enable you to analyse results in real time and our custom dashboards can give a quick overview or you can drill right down to analyse issues or opportunities – the choice is yours.

Written reporting allows you to run a cost effective mystery shopping solution which still enables our field team capture hard evidence for review by your customer experience or compliance teams. A written report can not only contain valuable score information and commentary; it can also contain the following as an example:

  • Photographic evidence of receipts
  • Photographic evidence on locations
  • Leaflet or document evidence captured at source in the form of quotations etc

Many of our programmes employ both written and video mystery shopping as both of these services are managed in-house. The beauty of a mixed programme is that both visit types employ the same survey, so the result is completely seamless.

As with all our solutions, you will have the option of a built-in manager appeal process, best practice video streamed to the survey and manager action plans that allow your managers to enter their intended actions right into the survey as a permanent entry for all to see.

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