The Tern team have prepared a list of mystery shopping FAQs in response to customer demand! We are approached by a broad range of clients which operate in a number of business  sectors, some are familiar with the process of mystery shopping and to others the research is a completely new approach to measuring  customer service.

Whether you’re an experienced customer insights specialist or someone who is looking for help setting up a programme for the first time, we are often asked the same questions.

Please see our list of mystery shopping FAQs below.  If you have a bespoke enquiry and you would like to understand how mystery shop would fit your business give our experienced team a call.

What is Mystery Shopping Research?  

Mystery shopping is a market research technique for monitoring and measuring organisation performance. Interactions which take place between customers and company employees are tested using pre-defined set of scenarios. These are often developed by customer experience teams, operations managers or marketing teams to help measure important business KPIs. Mystery shopping relies on observation and recall of the…