Improving Customer Service

Mystery shopping is the most reliable and consistent method of data gathering to monitor customer service delivery. Having a robust process of service measurement in place helps you to answer crucial questions about your brand, your service, and your area management.

  1. Are you concerned that your brand standards are not delivered consistently across your estate?
  2. Why do average transaction values vary so greatly between your stores?

If you’re a Sales Director, Operations Manager or someone who works within a customer experience team, then you’ll already understand why answers to questions like these and more are so important.

Knowing that you can utilise a team of dedicated mystery shoppers to support with the answers, can be a powerful and cost effective solution.

Mystery Shopping provides a unique view on customer service

Being able to see the entire picture of what is happening within a business is a difficult task so it’s great that to know you can have more eyes and ears to help you improve those all-important service standards?  Mystery shopping research will help you to provide powerful customer service data which can be used by every level within the business.

Our segmented data gathering can quickly identify store issues by spotting areas for improvement, it can also tell you when something is deviating from its normal pattern.

See how our quick service restaurant (QSR) client utilised mystery shop and improved average transaction values by 47% in our food and beverage sector case study.

Mystery Shop not only helps build upon already good customer service it also helps you to maintain it month of month and year on year. It’s not just about being good at what you do, it’s about reaching true potential of the business.

The benefits of mystery shopping are twofold.  You can understand and react to problem areas which might be causing your KPIs to trend lower than usual. You can also be pro-active by using it as a tool to motivate teams, rewarding improvements to customer service delivery and performance improvement for each and every location and team.