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Mystery Shopping for Banks and Building Societies

We provide in-depth mystery shopping research for banks, building societies and financial services companies. Whether you're evaluating interactions between staff and customers or reviewing the delivery of investments and mortgage advice, our visits will give your compliance and audit teams the required insights.

Our mystery shopping programmes are built to look at key moments within the customer journey to help you understand organisational performance. We audit your organisation by capturing hard evidence to assess a range of customer service touchpoints. We do this by using either covert video mystery shopping, audio device recording or by getting our mystery shoppers to complete detailed written mystery shopping reports. 

Each programme we deliver is a made-to-measure fit, so whether you're a bank, building society or other financial services organisation the criteria will be a match for your needs. 

Financial services mystery shop visits can cover:

  • Building Society and bank branches
  • Financial call centres
  • Home visits and financial appointments
  • Staff and customer interactions in any of the above
Financial services mystery shopping sample video.


Evidence based customer insights

  • Adapt your training programmes and implement remedial action if required
  • Identify at branch and team level areas of poor performance
  • Ensure that organisational values are embedded with the business
  • Seek opportunities to improve the consumer journey and increase staff awareness of the importance of a consumer centric approach

Evaluate the following Areas of Interest:

Delivering you with an in-depth company overview

After the mystery shopping visits have been completed you will have access to a comprehensive suite of mystery shopping reports delivered through our online platform. If you would like to find out more or see our reporting platform in action why not contact us to arrange a screen sharing demo.

Our coverage is nationwide

We cover a wide range of financial companies in all of the UK's major cities and beyond, including London, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow


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