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Mystery Shopping

Our comprehensive range of mystery shopping solutions puts you in the driving seat and provides you with information that you can use to drive your business forwards. Our mystery shopping reports can also contain streamed content with either audio or video, providing an easy to view summary with detailed evidence to support scoring. 

We provide programmes to a wide range of business types, ranging from small private firms, to companies listed on the FTSE 100. If you're looking for a comprehensive retail audit either in-store or for your contact centre we can tailor the programme to your needs.

Bespoke mystery shopping reports

At Tern, we are with you all the way and realise that some clients know precisely what they want while others need support in terms of programme design, survey creation and how to maximise return on investment. Whether you're a high street retailer wanting to ensure that your service offer matches your culture or a service provider looking to check hard facts on compliance, we have the resources, experience and expertise to bring your programme to life.

Each of our programmes is unique, tailored to your specific needs and reinforced by;

  1. A Nationwide team of experienced mystery shoppers
    Working with Tern, you have access to our team of carefully recruited mystery shoppers that we have built up over 20 years. We cover all of the UK's major cities including London, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In addition to a stringent recruitment process, every piece of work submitted by our shoppers is reviewed and graded and our shoppers receive individual feedback. We believe this attention to detail is unique in the industry – as is the quality of work you receive.
  2. Automated report distribution
    Our system takes care of the distribution of your reports enabling you to access reports via web links contained in email, via PDF attachments or simply by logging in to our system. We can configure our system to send a new email with every report that becomes available or to send multiple links in one email to each tier of management. You can also create PDF books that compile a manager’s relevant reports into one document.
  3. Bespoke reporting and analysis tools
    Our system gives you access to a fantastic array of reporting and analysis tools configured to your precise requirements. You can go beyond simple dashboards and drill down to reveal patterns and trends that the headline figures may not readily communicate. In addition to your Project Manager who will oversee your programme, you will also benefit from our dedicated Client Support Manager who is here to ensure you have access to the relevant functions and have a full understanding of how to use them.
  4. Streamed media content
    All our work is delivered online. If your programme involves audio and/or video capture, then your media is streamed straight to your report negating the need for DVD’s or MP3 email attachments. When viewing your reports, you simply click on the audio link or video player and you hear or watch the shopper experience with the report right in front of you. This approach means that you have password controlled secure access to all your information wherever you have Internet access.

As a mystery shopping agency we cover sectors as diverse as:  

​We also provide our expertise for travel agents, estate agents, utility companies, trade counter and builders merchants, Universities and Colleges.

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